Sep 10, 2004 - Food    No Comments

Work Again

The most interesting thing about work today was that I found out on my lunch that I do not like creamed spinach. Oh, and a woman bought 8 yards of bridal fabric which totaled $316! I can buy a car for $300! Here’s a thrifty recipe: Read more »

Sep 9, 2004 - Rants    No Comments

Work As Usual

Nothing much to relate today. I worked from 3 to close. Not much to do after 10 on a weekday, so I made fries in the toaster oven. Shared them with Michael. The most pressing dilemma being “do I dip them in ketchup or mayo?”. I plated both and we alternated. Bought two things at work tonight for 90% off. A kid’s canteen for $0.69 and a swirly plastic cup that looked like milk-glass for $0.39, $0.92 after my employee discount. Yeah, buddy.

I should have worked on a sewing project tonight, but just didn’t feel like it. I read an entire book today : “The Village Bride of Beverly Hills” by Kavita Daswani. It was a story about a traditional Hindi arranged marriage transplanted into the US and the lengths that the protagonist has to go to to maintain her job and lifestyle behind her in-laws back.

Anybody love 7-11s spinach taquitos as much as I do? I could eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner.