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I Love Coupons

I don’t know where I got this idea, but I was reading recently that there are tons of printable coupons available on the web, you just have to take the time to search for them. I found a coupon for Nescafe Ice Java syrup at for $1 off. Walmart’s price was $2.98, making my syrup (for adding to soy milk) $1.98. I found a coupon tonight for Payless Shoes for $2 off any regular priced pair $9.99 and up (wedding shoes here I come). The only two things I cannot find coupons for are local Arby’s (only out of area stores) and Jergen’s Healthy Glow lotion (but this is sold out in my area anyway).

I see alot of sites selling coupons. I wonder at the legality of this. Don’t coupons say they can’t be transferred, sold, etc., and only have a value of 1/100th of a cent? So, how are people selling them for $0.30?

Whoo hoo! I got a record (LP) for free and it is currently on eBay for $20.02. And there’s three more days to bid. I sold a $0.50 yard sale book for $9.00. I sold a pair of shorts I bought, then regretted (NWT) for $7.00 (more then I paid on clearance).

I see so many people sell handcrafts – crochet, knit, sewn items – why are none of mine selling? I’ve listed very cute things and have had questions and watchers and then no bids. So frustrating. I wish that eBay only charged fees if your item sells, but of course that is how they make money.

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Isn’t technology great? I am sitting in the bathtub, having a nice hot soak, my laptop on a stand next to the tub. I am writing this article for my blog and listening to a great comedian, Ron White. You might have seen him on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He’s Southern, foul mouthed and chauvinistic, so I should hate him, but he is so funny. I just used the wireless internet connection to look at Ron White’s website – I love my laptop! Read more »

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Grocery Shopping

I hate grocery shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love food and cooking and reading about food. But I hate the grocery store for two reasons: it’s always crowded and everything costs so much.

Michael said last night, “I have never seen the cupboard so empty.” He had a can of corn and a couple slices of homemade banana bread for a snack. That’s sad. So off to Meijer we went today. I had a small list on a Xmas notepad. There were some basics (butter, cream, eggs, chicken, lettuce) and some extravagances (wine, low carb bread, bubble bath). I found some good deals. Buy six cans of vegetables, get six free. Chicken breast was $1.00 a pound if you bought the family size pack. A lady approached us and asked if we want to sign up for a Meijer credit card. Even if we didn’t get approved we’d still get 15% off general merchandise and 5% off groceries. I encouraged Michael to sign up just to get the discount.

I was surprised when the lady came back to tell him that he was approved for the credit card. So we didn’t have to pay for our groceries today. We put it on the card and can pay it off in a month or two. Good thing since I quit my job and have no source of income right now. Read more »