May 13, 2005 - Rants    No Comments

I Love Coupons

I don’t know where I got this idea, but I was reading recently that there are tons of printable coupons available on the web, you just have to take the time to search for them. I found a coupon for Nescafe Ice Java syrup at for $1 off. Walmart’s price was $2.98, making my syrup (for adding to soy milk) $1.98. I found a coupon tonight for Payless Shoes for $2 off any regular priced pair $9.99 and up (wedding shoes here I come). The only two things I cannot find coupons for are local Arby’s (only out of area stores) and Jergen’s Healthy Glow lotion (but this is sold out in my area anyway).

I see alot of sites selling coupons. I wonder at the legality of this. Don’t coupons say they can’t be transferred, sold, etc., and only have a value of 1/100th of a cent? So, how are people selling them for $0.30?

Whoo hoo! I got a record (LP) for free and it is currently on eBay for $20.02. And there’s three more days to bid. I sold a $0.50 yard sale book for $9.00. I sold a pair of shorts I bought, then regretted (NWT) for $7.00 (more then I paid on clearance).

I see so many people sell handcrafts – crochet, knit, sewn items – why are none of mine selling? I’ve listed very cute things and have had questions and watchers and then no bids. So frustrating. I wish that eBay only charged fees if your item sells, but of course that is how they make money.

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