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Mar 23, 2012 - Food, Sidenote    No Comments

One Month Cooking From The Cupboard Challenge

I realized recently that Michael and I have a lot of food in the house. Maybe not a “prepared for the zombie apocalypse” hoard, but still quite a bit. I don’t want to become one of those people who have ten year old ketchup moldering in my basement. Also, due to a recent large and unexpected expense (aren’t they all?), I was short on the funds to buy groceries.

I began to write a list of everything I could make for lunch and dinner meals without having to buy anything other than dairy and produce. I realized I had at least one month’s worth of food in the house. Read more »

Mar 26, 2005 - Food    No Comments

Grocery Shopping

I hate grocery shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love food and cooking and reading about food. But I hate the grocery store for two reasons: it’s always crowded and everything costs so much.

Michael said last night, “I have never seen the cupboard so empty.” He had a can of corn and a couple slices of homemade banana bread for a snack. That’s sad. So off to Meijer we went today. I had a small list on a Xmas notepad. There were some basics (butter, cream, eggs, chicken, lettuce) and some extravagances (wine, low carb bread, bubble bath). I found some good deals. Buy six cans of vegetables, get six free. Chicken breast was $1.00 a pound if you bought the family size pack. A lady approached us and asked if we want to sign up for a Meijer credit card. Even if we didn’t get approved we’d still get 15% off general merchandise and 5% off groceries. I encouraged Michael to sign up just to get the discount.

I was surprised when the lady came back to tell him that he was approved for the credit card. So we didn’t have to pay for our groceries today. We put it on the card and can pay it off in a month or two. Good thing since I quit my job and have no source of income right now. Read more »

Sep 10, 2004 - Food    No Comments

Work Again

The most interesting thing about work today was that I found out on my lunch that I do not like creamed spinach. Oh, and a woman bought 8 yards of bridal fabric which totaled $316! I can buy a car for $300! Here’s a thrifty recipe: Read more »