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Disturbing Things On The Sidewalk

I have seen two things on recent walk that have greatly bothered me. First, I have seen about 3 dozen dead birds. Most have been small juveniles, about 2 inches long. But three have been adults. If it was near a window, I would assume they had crashed. All three, however have been no where near a window. Yesterday, I saw a baby bird on the sidewalk. It was so small that my brain couldn’t even register what it was at first. It was only about an inch long. I have seen more dead birds in the last few weeks than I have seen in my life. What is going on? I think it’s the supposedly harmless gypsy moth eradication program that St. Joseph County has been doing for about a month. Cropdusters drop tiny plastic flakes that are coated with a fungus in peak moth areas. The fungus is supposedly harmless to humans and animals, but yet there is warning to stay inside during these dustings and not to eat or drink anything that has been outside during the dusting. I think that is what is to blame for all the dead birds. Don’t birds eat moths? So if you decrease the bird population won’t that increase the moth population? Read more »

Jun 16, 2005 - Rants    No Comments

New Job Nerves

I just got hired at a big box retailer. I never thought I’d do that. Yeah, I worked at a big box bookstore, but there are few indy bookstores in this area. The few that exist are staffed by one or two people tops. So I had my interview yesterday. No, I actually had three interviews. In a row. I could see the mismanagement already when personnel had a hard time scrounging up managers to interview me. Then I had to go down the street to a clinic for a drug test. Did I eat any poppy seed bagels recently? No, I got the results today, I was clean. I was actually shocked at the amount of money I am being offered to ring up people’s diapers and pop and snack foods. It’s more than I made as assistant manager at a huge video rental chain. Michael and I are going to start socking away money to buy a house next year. No more apartment living for us. Read more »